How many RTT Sessions do I need?

Excellent question! The answer is: It depends!

(Don’t you love that answer?!)

Before I answer that, I’ll tell you a little about my experience as a client in RTT. When I signed up to become an RTT therapist, I had never been hypnotized. I just felt a strong calling to learn RTT. So immediately after enrolling, I found an RTT therapist and scheduled an appointment. I don’t remember what issue I worked on first. I wish I could. I’ve personally had 10 or 11 sessions, and I have another one scheduled for next week. I do remember feeling profound shifts inside myself. I realized that I felt calmer and it was easier to be less reactive to things that used to be triggers for me. I felt more peace.

In one session, I was working toward helping my daughter through some challenges. Like all mama bears, when my children are struggling, I feel their pain intensely, and I don’t always know the best route to take. While reviewing a memory from when I was married to her father, I discovered that I believed that the divorce was the source of all her problems. It was my fault she was struggling. Then, my RTT therapist said something I will never forget:

“So you think that if you had stayed married, your daughter wouldn’t have any problems?”

It stopped me in my tracks.

Yes, as it turns out, I DID believe that, but I wasn’t necessarily conscious of that belief.

This is one of the miracles of RTT. We become aware of core beliefs we didn’t realize we were holding on to!

Letting go of blame and shame has been a miracle in my life, and I’m thrilled that every day, I get to help others do the same.

I have regular RTT sessions with my therapist because new challenges come up as time goes by. As I work to resolve what’s circling in this brain of mind, I’m always evaluating what I want to change and what I wish were different. I intentionally work to identify what I could let go of to help me create more joy and peace in my life. If my most persistent automatic thoughts aren’t serving me, and if I am unable to let them go, I do an RTT session. If I am having a challenge releasing old patterns of thought, or wish to improve something in my life, I schedule another appointment.

RTT helps me be calmer. RTT helps me release negative habits. RTT helps turn down the volume of my old triggers and my inner “b*tch,” as I like to call her.

Back to the answer.

The number of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) sessions needed varies depending on your personal circumstances, goals, and the complexity of the issues being addressed. While some clients may experience significant breakthroughs and lasting change after just one session, others may benefit from multiple sessions to achieve their desired outcomes. During the initial consultation, we will discuss this and work together to assess your needs and goals, as well as the underlying factors contributing to your challenges. Based on this assessment, I will recommend a personalized treatment plan that may include one or more sessions, spaced out over time to allow for integration and continued progress. One issue can take 1-3 sessions.

In general, most people experience the best results with 3 sessions. Many of my clients resolve their issues in one session, and others have had more than three sessions where we work on different issues in each session. Everyone is different.

It is a process. You have homework 🙂

After each session, I make you a personalized recording with the new beliefs, thoughts, and feelings you wish to strengthen.

Your homework is to listen to your recording every day for 21 days minimum. I recommend 30 days. We can then evaluate how you’re feeling from that point. Getting into a relaxed state through hypnosis allows you to be open to suggestions. Being suggestible to these powerful beliefs you want to strengthen helps you become calmer and more confident throughout the day. Every day when you relax and listen to your recording, you are regulating your nervous system and strengthening the beliefs that will allow you to make the changes you want to see in your life.

I urge everyone to approach RTT with an open mind and a willingness to engage actively in the process. While RTT can facilitate profound transformation, it’s not a quick fix, and lasting change often requires commitment, consistency, and patience. Ultimately, the number of RTT sessions needed will vary from person to person.

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