Is RTT Hypnotherapy Dangerous?

I figured we’d look up the exact definition of the word dangerous before we answer this question. Is hypnotherapy or RTT likely to cause harm? I can’t imagine what harm could be caused. Rapid Transformational therapy utilizes hypnosis to allow you to get into a relaxed state and access the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind knows the root cause of the issue you are dealing with today. No harm can come from closing your eyes and getting into a theta brain state. It feels amazing to take a break from daily life and relax. During an RTT hypnotherapy session, clients are sitting in their own homes, in their most comfortable spot, and in their most comfortable clothes. We do sessions over Zoom, so clients can be as comfortable as possible.

Is RTT likely to cause problems or have adverse consequences? During RTT sessions, we use regression to find the root cause of your current issues or symptoms.

Those core beliefs are the cause of the current symptoms. Some clients who are hesitant to do hypnotherapy and regression have fear about bringing up traumatic events from their past. But reviewing these events, and coming to an understanding about how the beliefs created from these events are the cause of their issues is precisely why RTT works. When you are relaxed, you can review any events in your past with detachment. Reviewing events in hypnosis is not re-living them. The best most incredible memories of your life can’t be relived and cannot be re-experienced. Even the most amazing orgasm you’ve ever had cannot be relived. However, reviewing scenes in hypnosis is incredibly powerful because you see these events your younger self experienced as an older, more mature adult. My clients review scenes from their past that caused them sadness or fear and realize that this is indeed what created their hard-wired beliefs about themselves and others. While reviewing these scenes may cause strong emotions to come up, releasing these emotions is incredibly healing and cathartic. For most, just understanding where the issue comes from feels like 100 pounds has been lifted off your shoulder.

RTT is not dangerous. Hypnotherapy is not dangerous. RTT utilizes methods and tools to help you relax, understand the root cause of your problems, let go of those unwanted hurtful beliefs you have created because of past experiences, and then transform your life.



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