Create Today Podcast

Design Your Growth For Success With Rob Cressy

Episode 56

Rob Cressy is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and business coach. He started off fresh out of college with no job and climbed the corporate ladder until he realized he wasn’t creating his dream life. Leaving his $250,000 annual salary, he took complete control of his life and started his own business. Now, he helps others design their growth to achieve success in all areas of their life, one simple change at a time.

Break The Chain! Overcome Your Past And Break Your Family Cycles With Allison Wood

Episode 55

Allison Wood is an author, life coach, and chain breaker! Her book, The Chain Breaker: It Stopped With Me, takes us through her journey of discontinuing a pattern of generational pain. She offers hope to those who face similar challenges. Allison aims to educate people on how to coach themselves, break the chains that are holding them back, and create the life they have always wanted!

Awaken Your Creative Inner Child! With Dr. Merideth Hite Estevez

Episode 54

Dr. Merideth Hite Estevez is a mom, podcaster, Juilliard-trained professional oboist, and author of the book “The Artist’s Joy”. She is extremely talented, and I loved interviewing her about creating creativity! While attending Juilliard, she was outcome and performance-driven no matter what. When she finally graduated, she realized after 14 years of professional training that she was completely burnt out. Now, she coaches others to help them navigate burnout and get back their love for creating art! Her advice is to rediscover that place of curiosity we loved as children and learn to create for the sake of creating, totally pressure-free.

All But Six With Terrina Troy

Episode 53

Terrina Troy is an artist, designer, wife, dog mom, wanna-be-cowgirl, and author of the book All But Six. Her book is a memoir about her blue-collar, high school drop-out father who taught her to be resilient and autonomous. All But Six comes from a hilarious saying from her dad that essentially means you only need six friends to carry your coffin. In this episode, she shares the heartwarming story of how his alcoholism pushed them apart but they miraculously reconnected after ten years. Terrina came to appreciate all the good that he taught her and the beautiful memories they shared, despite their hardships. Tune in to learn about her journey of creating forgiveness and finding hope in second chances.

Stay-At-Home Mom Defends Free Speech With Joeylynn Mesaros

Episode 52

Joeylynn Mesaros is a stay-at-home mom, homeschooler, Texan, Christian, and a powerful advocate for freedom. Her family and 4 other Texans are being sued under the Ku Klux Klan Law of 1871 in Federal Court in a civil lawsuit for driving next to the Biden Bus during its campaign in 2020. She and her family are hundreds of thousands of dollars into a legal battle that has been ongoing for 4 years. Joeylynn shares how God called them to stand as beacons of freedom and protect the right of free speech for any and every American! They are determined to fight back and protect the rights granted by America’s Constitution so future generations can enjoy these critical freedoms. Her story is encouraging, showing us that we can all make a difference and that our voices are desperately needed to make a difference. Listen to her story to find out how you can help, educate yourself, and empower others to stand with you for the cause of freedom.

Rescuing Children From Sex Trafficking Is Just The Beginning

Episode 51

This interview is a little different than my normal episodes which are focused on creating a better life for yourself. This one is focused on how we can help the most abused and vulnerable people in our country, the children who live in slavery. Every day. I had the honor of interviewing TJ Morris who founded Kaleb House. TJ told me that 17,000 kids go missing every month in the United States! Everyone needs to know what TJ is doing and we can all help. You won’t believe the stories he tells, and how he was called to start Kaleb House and rescue children. Then everything that happens after that is mind blowing. He’s actually hunting pedophiles and rehabilitating children who have known nothing but slavery and abuse. Most of them missed so much school they can barely read and write. These children need our voices!