Attract the ONE

The Woman’s Guide to Attracting Mr. Right

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Let’s face it, finding your dream partner isn’t easy. Especially when you’re over the age of twenty-something, divorced, and you’re raising two kids alone! (And you believe you have to “find it” and it “isn’t easy.”.) For years, those were my core beliefs. I didn’t believe finding Mr. Right was possible, nor did I believe I deserved it. Although I longed for a partner, I kept attracting men who didn’t love me nor wanted the same things. Then, it hit me.

You can’t attract a badass partner unless you feel like a badass! You can’t expect anyone to love you, respect you, and trust you until you love, respect, and trust yourself! This realization sent me on a mission to figure out how to become the person I wanted to be, which is where the holy grail strategy for attracting love was born.

This simple, practical, and effective strategy silenced my inner critic, created happiness in my everyday life, transformed my beliefs about men, and eradicated my feelings of shame, guilt, and regret. When I became more self-confident, my soul mate manifested. Can you believe he was right in front of me the whole time?
Go ahead. Open this book so I can share all of my practical strategies, so you too, can become a magnet for true love.

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About the Author

Karen Stanley is an entrepreneur, hypnotherapist, and former single mom whose passion is to help women see the power of the mind to create true love. She is the host of the Create Today podcast, founder of the Hypno-Healing Solution, and author of several best-selling journals. She’s living proof that attracting real love and happiness is a reality for anyone, regardless of age, status, or backstory.